Friedman Geller | Unveiling Mass Torts Expertise

Friedman Geller's Winning Track Record in Mass Torts

Record of Success


$3 million

Prevailed against medical malpractice, securing justice for a client's wrongful death.

Birth Injury

$4.6 million

Relentless pursuit of justice led to a $4.6M victory in a birth injury case, addressing childbirth negligence

Product Liability

$2.3 million

Held manufacturers accountable with a $2.3M verdict in a defective consumer product case

Spinal Cord Injury

$5.8 million

Advocated for construction site accident victims, securing a $5.8M settlement for a spinal cord injury case

Medical Malpractice

$7 million

Challenged surgical errors and achieved a $7M victory in a medical malpractice case

Child Abuse

$6.5 million

Stood up against negligence in child care centers, obtaining a $6.5M verdict in a child abuse case

Workplace Accident

$1.4 million

Held industries accountable with a $1.4M settlement for a workplace accident caused by machinery malfunction

Premises Liability

$2.8 million

Pursued justice for slip and fall accidents, securing a $2.8M settlement in a premises liability case involving a store

Nursing Home Abuse

$4.2 million

Combated mistreatment and negligence, securing a $4.2M compensation for a nursing home abuse case

Construction Accident

$3.7 million

Demanded safety measures at construction sites, achieving a $3.7M triumph in a construction accident case

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