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Discover the realm of Legal Advice with Friedman Geller. Leveraging years of legal expertise, Friedman Geller shares invaluable knowledge to empower you. Uncover the complexities and gain the essential insights needed for informed decisions in this specialized legal domain.

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Friedman Geller

Welcome to the official website of Friedman Geller Legal Advice Firm. Our firm is dedicated to ensuring access to justice for everyone.

With our extensive experience and profound understanding of the complex legal aspects, our committed team at Friedman Geller is fully devoted to assisting clients in pursuing the rightful compensation they deserve.

At Friedman Geller Legal Advice Firm, we place great importance on providing personalized attention and tailored guidance. We take the necessary time to listen to each client’s unique story, understand their specific circumstances, and adapt our strategy accordingly to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Our proven track record of success underscores our ability to navigate the intricate legal landscape and secure favorable results for our clients.

If you have been impacted by a mass tort and require legal representation, we are here to extend our assistance. Please feel free to reach out to us today and schedule a complimentary consultation. During this meeting, we can delve into the details of your case and address any concerns you may have.

Let us be your guiding light as we navigate the complexities of the legal system together, tirelessly fighting for the justice and compensation you rightfully deserve.

Record of Success: Friedman Geller's Track Record in Legal Advisory


$3 million

Prevailed against medical malpractice, securing justice for a client's wrongful death.

Birth Injury

$4.6 million

Relentless pursuit of justice led to a $4.6M victory in a birth injury case, addressing childbirth negligence

Spinal Cord Injury

$5.8 million

Advocated for construction site accident victims, securing a $5.8M settlement for a spinal cord injury case

Medical Malpractice

$7 million

Challenged surgical errors and achieved a $7M victory in a medical malpractice case

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